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Kayak Gronland-K Surkayak

Kevlar-made, for life.
The Gronland of Kevlar, extraordinarily resistant and light.

If you want a kayak that is easy to move around and at the same time you need not be afraid of breaking it, this is for you.

Build your own kayak.
If you dare, we help you to do it yourself, with wood and epoxy using the system “Stitch and Glue”

Instructions, list of materials, cuts, epoxy preparation.

We can also build you one made to measure!

Welcome to the tribe!

The Greenland style is becoming more and more popular, getting accustomed to the kayak in such a way that it feels like part of your body, an extension of it, allowing you to navigate and play with the sea. While enjoying the experience, you feel as if you are a genuine centaur of the sea.

Ricardo fun

You do not fall off your kayak, just as you do not fall off your own legs.There is no fear of tipping over and when that seems imminent, do not try to avoid the water, rather, lean into it and using your paddle for support, regain your vertical position. All the movements are focused on feeling comfortable in the water in any situation.