Kayak Gronland-K Surkayak
Gronland-K LaminadoKayak Gronland-K SurkayakKayak Gronland-K SurkayakKayak Gronland-K Surkayak

Gronland – K


The Gronland k, kevler-made kayak is extraordinarily resistant with a very manageable weight of 18 kilos, measuring 543 by 52 cms.

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Kayak Gronland-K Surkayak
Kayak Gronland-K Surkayak

These kayaks are built combining kevlar with other fibers and materials in order to obtain certain properties which are not possible to obtain in the original materials. These compounds can be selected to obtain special combinations of rigidity, resistance, weight and appearance.
Gronland-K Laminado
The Kevlar, or poliparafenileno tereftalamid, is a polyamide. Its lightness and exceptional resistance to breakage is why it is used in sailing boats, bullet-proof vests and in the aeronautical industry.
Kevler has high levels of rigidity, hardness, durability, resistance to traction, chemical resistance, resistance to scrapes and a low thermal contraction, ideal for a kayak!

Carbon fiber is a synthetic fiber mostly comprising of carbon. Each fiber is the union of thousands of carbon filaments. It has mechanical properties similar to steel but it is as light as wood or plastic. Due to its hardness, it resists impacts better than steel.
It has a low density but a high level of resistance to changes in temperature, and also resists external agent variations and mechanical changes.


This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)

  • The centerboard is a highly recommended navigation aid when the stern or sideways swell deviates the course of the kayak. It is not essential but it is appreciated when needed.
  • The Gronland is sober and elegant, very “greenland style”, but for those who want something more colorful, it can be customized with a selection of colored vinyls.
  • The sport seat provides more control and support. In a beautiful carbon fiber finish.
  • The extra-light construction adds carbon fiber encapsulated between layers of Kevlar with which achieves a weight saving of more than one kilogram without losing the great resistance that the Gronland already has. The final weight is 17 kg
  • The reinforced construction adds one more layer of Kevlar, for those who want to seriously mistreat their kayak, this is achieved at the cost of an increase in weight of 1.2 kg.
  • The light and reinforced construction can be combined, so the weight would remain approximately the same, but with extraordinary resistance.

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This post is also available in: Español (Spanish)


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